Google has released Android Studio 4 as a stable version. The upgrade for the Android app creation software announced last year includes a Motion Editor for creating animated interface parts.

The Motion Editor relieves developers of the obligation to create XML files to capture the movement of interface elements in apps; Android Studio creates those files and developers can view and edit the code of those XML files at the touch of a button.

There is also a Layout Validation option in version 4.0 to see how an app looks at various screen sizes and screen ratios. That is important, now that apps must be able to run on more and more different screen ratios.

The new version also includes Jetpack Compose. Jetpack Compose works with Kotlin APIs and is a toolkit to create an interface within Android Studio. Also, developers see a live preview of changes in the image, and the intention is that thanks to Jetpack Compose less, code has to be written to create an interface in an app. Google announced Android Studio 4.0 last year and has since tested the software.

Google releases Android Studio 4 with more design tools now available for download

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